Yoga for Better Sleep

Yoga for Better Sleep

Yoga for Better Sleep


Next Workshop : SEPTEMBER 5th @ 7.00pm

( Booking link coming soon… )

If you ever suffer poor sleep, mid afternoon slumps or struggle to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning there is a good chance you can help yourself without the use of drugs by taking some simple but powerful, natural steps.

Achieving better sleep through Yoga & meditation is now available through my new “Yoga for Better Sleep Workshop”.

This 90 minute workshop focuses on 5 key area’s to help you promote better natural sleep:

• Sleep preparation •
Simple steps to get you ready for sleep

• Sleep breathing •
Breathing techniques to slow down your heart rate and calm your nervous system

• Sleep stretching •
Yoga poses to release stress and promote natural healing

• Sleep meditation •
Key words to aid natural sleep

• Sleep Nidra •
The experience of deep internal rest using progressive muscular relaxation

As part of the workshop you will receive a copy of my powerful “Audio Relaxation Pill” designed to relax your unconscious mind in 90 seconds.

Student Testimonials

“I love love loved the sleep workshop last night, thank you so much. I definitely fell asleep during the yoga nidra at the end!”

Helen T.

Next Workshop: New dates to be announced soon
Venue: All online / Zoom
Price: £16
Start time: 7.30pm
Duration: 90 minutes

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