Private Yoga

Private Yoga

Private Yoga

Private Yoga

If you’re looking to practice yoga at a deeper level, and at a time outside of our regular schedule, why not try a tailored, private class?

As well as our weekly drop-in classes, we also offer yoga to small groups and individuals on a one-to-one basis. Various packages and class types are available, with each incorporating an exploratory blend of practical sessions, incorporating different combinations of our speciality areas – including Mat Yoga (with a focus on physical Fitness / Flexibility / Balance); Breath Work (internal balance); Aerial Yoga (a focus on physical Strength / Spinal Decompression / Core Stability); Hypnosis (a focus on shifting states); Meditation; and PT Personal Training (for bespoke strength training).

All sessions are 70 minutes in length. Please contact Chris directly at to find out more, or to book a session.

Private Yoga Options

Start up Session (single session £85)

We start with a single explorative and practical session, looking for ways to use all of our resources to help
you achieve your personal wellbeing needs.

Foundations Package (4x sessions £325)

We develop reassuring safety protocols within the DNA of your continuing Yoga practice, including breath control, body locks and focused asanas to set you safely on your way for a life-ling journey of developing flexibility and positive wellbeing.

Elevate Package (8x sessions £625)

Lifting your practice to the subtle states (pratyahara) on your journey, with sessions including meditation, hypnosis and complete body awareness (Nidra) to state-shift your journey.

Evolution Package (12x sessions £925)

The ultimate package layering all previous levels to build strength (both inner and physical), incorporating Aerial Yoga and Life Coaching.

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