Gong Sound Healing

Gong Sound Healing

Gong Sound Healing

Welcome to the Power of the Gong

Take a luxury submersion, either on the ground or floating in one of our custom hammocks, into a candlelit a room filled with soft waves of pure, gentle, healing sound vibrations from our suspended, German & Nepalese Gongs.

Participants at AbaYoga Gong baths report powerful visions of symbolic animals, colours, sensations of levitation, imagined voices and a deep sense of self-awareness with a complete detachment from the concept of time.

Many report improved, dreamless sleep and post event calmness that lasts for several days. Repeated exposure to this natural therapy can heal old trauma, release trapped dis-ease and create lasting relaxation to combat the tiring demands of everyday living.

Take a Look Inside a Gong Bath…

“I laid on the floor and felt the vibrations from the floor, walls and ceiling. I was able to experience an almost weightless sensation and which felt like I was levitating. I’m sure the experience would be different in the hammocks, perhaps even more intense.

It was a really positive experience and when I left, I felt an overwhelming sense of well-being which was a joy.”

– Christine A

How Can a Gong Bath Help You?

Here we harness pure energy created by sound waves emanating from our Nickel Silver Gong which was hand-crafted in fire by German musicians over an intense 6 month tuning process. The result is an almost supernatural vibrational presence which has the power to
1. Slow brainwave activity down

From Gamma 32-100hz (Fast reactions & problem solving) = The Stress mode
To Theta 4-8Hz (Creative insights & Mindfulness) = The Dream mode

2. Realign internal physical processes at a cellular level to create more efficient living systems in the body including the immune, endocrine and nervous systems.

3. Clear internal energy systems freeing up the chakra wheels to spin more freely and align more completely with the vibrations of the universe.

These three areas combine to promote…

• Contentment
• Increased creativity
• Physical resilience to free radicals and ill health in the body

We call this process “Sound Healing”. Whilst you can benefit enormously from just one session, the more sound healing activity is repeated, the deeper the benefits can reach.

Note the heart rate drop during the Gong Bath.

Heart rate and sleep the night following the Gong Bath.

“I have worked with Chris now for three years. My personal journey has been incredible. From a complete non believer I am fully converted to yoga, sound therapy and meditation as a form of healing and relaxation. I believe my success has partly been down to these techniques, but more importantly, it is about the teacher. Chris himself is passionate, dedicated and one of a kind.

Having said this, I have a professional background and have always required data as the evidence and foundation to proves outcomes. There have therefore always been doubts in my mind.

I finally found a solution. Below is a graph based on the most advanced analytics tool available in the market that now proves my without doubt the impact on resting heart rate during my last therapy at AbaYoga. I have never before reached such optimal levels before.

It works!”

– Alpesh

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