Which Class Should I Pick?

Which Class Should I Pick?

Which Class Should I Pick?

Group Classes

Click the toggles below to find out more about each class level, and to discover which level is right for you.

Mat Yoga

Vinyasa Foundations (Level 1)

Ideal for beginners, this gentle class is for students to learn / refresh the basics of Vinyasa (Flowing) Yoga embracing breath and movement building to Sun salutation A. No strong challenges will be offered and we we spend extra time on healthy alignment to set up a safe basis for your developing yoga practice.

Vinyasa Flow (Level 2)

This dynamic cardiovascular Vinyasa flow class is our signature piece, set to stronger music it builds on our Foundations class. To safely progress students will have completed Vinyasa Foundation classes (or similar) first. The class offers subtly more progressive challenges, poses and sequences through Sun Salutation B and beyond. Be ready to breathe like you mean it and light up your energy centres.

Hot Yoga

By using infrared technology to heat the studio to 31 degrees we recreate the sensation of warm Indian sun-rays to soften your muscles & release toxins for a practice with deeper levels of sensation. Our Hot yoga class is like a wave of energy building cardio, core strength & balance gains. Then subsiding into a spacious relaxation to close on a high.

Yin : Stress Release

Bathed in relaxing music and candlelight, our Yin classes use gentle ground supported poses for longer holds, Yin Yoga is a beautiful way to compliment and balance the Yang of a busy lifestyle. It promotes a flexible lightness and a subtlety throughout the body, whilst bringing a profound calmness to the mind and most likely a great night’s sleep too!

Yin / Yang : Flow & Chi-lax

This 90 minute gentle class has 3 spacious elements written to stimulate the release of physical stress and open up the body’s natural energy lines before encouraging deep rest:

Beginning: a gentle vinyasa flow to flush out the week’s stress.

Middle: a deeply rejuvenating Yin sequence to draw in the goodness.

End: Calming Nidra (narrated relaxation) leaving you on a natural high and ready for a great nights’ sleep.

Stretch : Runners & Desk Jockeys

NOT just for runners, this specially written stretch yoga sequence focuses on deep releasing the muscle groups that get:

a) Over used & tight though frequent running training
b) Underused & short through sitting for long periods

Target release groups:

1) Hip flexors, quads & stabiliser muscles
2) Glutes, hamstrings, calves & achilles
3) Adductors & abductors
4) Chest & shoulders

Mat Yoga Levels

Level 0 : All

These classes are so gentle and so supported that anyone can do them.

Level 1 : Beginner

These classes set up the foundations for a safe practice development and include everything the beginner needs to learn and all the basics an experienced practitioner needs to revisit to continue to develop a healthy practice.

Level 2 : Intermediate

These intermediate classes provide a more challenging cardiovascular practice with standing balances, and can be attended after completing 2-3 months of foundational Level 1 classes (although you can attend before then, if you are really adventurous or have a strong alternative discipline like dance, gymnastics or Pilates).

Level 3 : Advanced

These are advanced classes and include inversions, arm balances and strenuous exertion and can be attended after completing at least 2-3 months of Level 2 classes or similar.

Aerial Yoga

Discover Aerial Yoga

30 minute taster session designed to make you feel comfortable around the rig set up, safety protocols and vocabulary. Some fun postures, an optional inversion and a beautiful suspended relaxation close will take you to another level.

Aerial Yoga Class (Premium Service)

Elevating from simple mat Yoga, Aerial Yoga creates accelerated strength gains to the core, grip strength and posterior chain. Suspended inversions are included for healthy decompression of the spine and intervertebral discs allowing several health benefits for back pain sufferers.

Pregnant students strongly advised not to participate.

For specific class content please see individual class descriptions on the booking page.

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