Beginners Course

Beginners Course

Beginners Course


A 4 week Yoga Beginners Course

A 4 week Mat Yoga beginners course

Designed for newcomers to make you feel comfortable and confident giving you knowledge of mat Yoga basics, in preparation for abaYoga Flow Yoga classes and abaYoga Hot Yoga classes.

Each week we’ll explore the foundations of a healthy Yoga practice including:

Yoga postures
Yoga breathing
Yoga movement

…helping you to

reduce stress
build technique

develop confidence

You will then enjoy more scheduled Yoga Flow, Hot Yoga and Soft Yoga classes at the studio.

Next Available Course is…

What : 4 week Yoga Beginners Course

Where : AbaYoga Studios, CR2 9BX

When : Thursdays @ 6.45-7.30pm

Dates : Nov 4th – Nov 25th

Price : £50

Spaces are limited!

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