Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga = Strength Conditioning + Back Traction

This is a power practice.

The studio is equipped to use suspension technology (a bit like TRX) from the ceiling to challenge your body and quickly develop more core strength than can be achieved on the mat alone. It also builds grip strength and pull down strength which is inaccessible from mat Yoga.

The rig hammock then enables comfortable full body inversions suspended from the hips which releases compression in the spine. Great for releasing pressure points in the back.


Hear what Katie has to say about Aerial Yoga…

“Loving being back at Aerial Yoga with Chris. I really can’t recommend enough.

Aerial Yoga is a great contrast to the mat work yoga on offer. I’m learning to build strength, focus on technique and correct posture, tone my jiggly bits and stretch my whole spine. I always leave the class feeling that I’ve had a total body workout with no muscle left untested and walking taller. It’s also improved my strength and balance in my regular yoga practice.

If you’re looking to grow your yoga practice, get stronger and give your spine a treat after being sat at a desk or staring at a screen all day then aerial yoga might just be for you.”

– Katie B.

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