Guys Do Yoga

Guys Do Yoga

Guys Do Yoga

Ian’s Story

Busy physics teacher & half marathon runner, Ian, tells his story of how he was drawn to abaYoga by his brother & how it has positively affected his life in 2018…

Michael’s Story

Michael started abaYoga 18 months ago to improve his squash game and now finds it also gives him introspection, stronger muscles & greater flexibility.

Here’s an interesting Fact: Historically, in India, Yoga was taught by men to men, one to one.

The perception that Yoga is for woman is a new phenomenon but as you look to the images below you’ll see my Australian teacher & founder of PowerLiving Australia, Duncan Peak, is a Aussie dude. I’m a London born bloke (read my story) teaching guys AND women. Just as it should be.

Guys – Yoga builds strength using techniques that require strength. Listen to the video testimonials on this page. Maybe… it’s time for you to join us.

Colin’s Story

Colin candidly shares his views as a guy who ‘used’ to think Yoga is for women…

Peter’s Story

Ex Rugby player, Peter, share his experience of practicing with AbaYoga.

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