On Demand Videos 24/7

On Demand Videos 24/7

On Demand Videos 24/7

Practice with Chris – Anytime, Anywhere

For only £7.49 / month, you’ll get full access to a curated, ever-expanding selection of abaYoga tutorial videos, covering:

• Yoga Sequences
• Yoga Techniques
• Yoga Philosophy
£7.49 / month
Two weeks free
Unlimited Access
Cancel Anytime
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“I just wanted to let you know that I have signed up to your online classes, and they are brilliant! I’m really enjoying them. I’ve not been able to practise much yoga during lockdown for many reasons but these are great for getting back into it again. It’s nice to see your happy face again!”

Karen O.

“The videos are so great, and excellent value. Thank you Chris.”

Amanda A.

“Loving abaYoga Anytime!! 🙂

It’s brilliant to be able to keep practicing over the summer break and at any other time I want to! 🙂

The videos are really clear and easy to follow – I like that there are some that are short (I’m 32 floors up in a glass building overlooking London and it was a beautiful day so I couldn’t resist having a go in a meeting room during my lunch break!) and some that are long – which will be fab while I’m on my holidays so I don’t totally seize up laying around on the beach!! 😉 Great content in all vids.

I know there are loads of videos on YouTube but it’s not the same as being taught by your own teacher – I wouldn’t bother with online videos if I didn’t know the teacher I don’t think?

My step mum attends your Wednesday class and also signed up!! She’s on holiday at the moment and has been practising outside in the gardens! She is particularly loving the tutorials and being able to practice while away!

Really appreciate being able to carry on over summer.

Great job Chris, we’re fans!!

Thank you!”

Corrinna B.

“I have been enjoying your yoga content.

If I’m honest it’s difficult for me to find the time now I have my two daughters back from their holiday. However the 3 of us have been doing the morning stretches and easy vinyasa, which Connie (5) thinks is hilarious! Ellen (8) takes it more seriously! But it’s amazing how it then creates a really positive atmosphere in our house.

It’s interesting their comment! “Mummy yoga is actually quite difficult!” “Mummy you are a weirdo!” When Connie and I chant the Oms!”

Fran T.

“As a beginner I am enjoying the tutorials as I can pause, rewind and replay as many times as I like to try and get the correct posture. I like the use of Nicky so that you can show the detail of where to put the strength in each posture.

Keep up the good work.”

Gill D.

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