Coming Out of Lockdown 3.0 to a New Dawn at abaYoga

Coming Out of Lockdown 3.0 to a New Dawn at abaYoga

July 1st, 2021

Before the Covid crisis, we used to love watching the studio fill with up to 22 students per class (capacity was 27 but I liked space for the teacher to walk about) for that feeling of community and group movement. I suppose it reminded me of the vibe at Powerliving in Sydney – my home studio where I first really started practicing Yoga 6 days per week.  Just like at Powerliving we had a wall full of mats, bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets waiting for every student to use.

Happy daze….

Then came the 1st 2020 lockdown, bringing with it a wave of uncertainty, mask wearing and social distancing. We closed the front door and sold all our studio mats & props at giveaway prices, so that students could practice at home – and we took our classes online like so many other studios.

At first, this worked beautifully. It was a novelty and a life-saving back up system to continue the contact between teacher and student and we enjoyed the sense of contact it provided. From this end of the camera I saw living rooms cleared and beautiful home studio spaces created.

Before long I noticed (from this side of the camera) more & more pets, partners and children wandering through the on-screen backgrounds of these newly formed home Yoga spaces. I guess the families and other living creatures at your homes began to speak up as I noticed more and more of you disappearing from the living rooms to spare bed rooms and hallways. The Zoom novelty was wearing.

When we re-opened we carefully adhered to government guidelines maintaining social distancing and mechanically ventilating newly purified air through the space even when the doors were locked. We learned the importance of space, ventilation and sanitizing in every class. It began to change

Lockdown 2 had a different feel. We accommodated the pressure of using home space for Zoom Yoga by offering shorter classes for a variety of outcomes including fitness, flexibility and core strength.

Coming out of Lockdown 2 not long before Christmas was a short ride and then came Lockdown 3 in the winter of 2021. By this time Zoom had become a commodity with more detachment from the truly grounded offerings available inside the walls of the studio.

The true essence of offering students an escape from their real life for long enough to retune their energetic bodies with the physical practice, and release their worrying minds to feel completely refreshed on leaving the studio walls – this needed to wait, until we could safely invite students back inside again.

Then came May 17th 2021, and we were allowed to reopen to smaller groups of students, as long as we properly ventilated and socially distanced. The flow of students had changed, perhaps some where unsure about restrictions inside. But, it taught me something very valuable…

Where we had previously filled the studio with so many bodies that touching the person next to you became normal, now we had an abundance of space. The space brought a quality of practice unfamiliar to me. This new space brought freedom for the teacher to give each student so much more attention. The new space brought personal distance for each student giving them even more room to dive into their own practice to experience the freedom in action that this ancient practice brings.

The new space inspired me to change the studio moving forward.


Moving forward (from August 11th) we’re going to change the classes to offer two new tiers of class style:

1) Premium Classes – Assisted led, MAX 7 STUDENTS: New price £28

2) Group Classes – Demonstration led, MAX 14 STUDENTS: New price £20

No more 22+ people classes!

To add value to the premium classes I will be offering individual assists to deepen the experience of each students practice and give assurance of correct alignment. Traditional Yoga philosophy, correct breathing practices and inspirational quotations will also be offered to inspire.

Group classes will have more students (but still much less than before lockdown). Group classes will be demonstration led.


When the final lockdown restrictions are lifted on July 19th, we will maintain our space in class…


We are excited about the new changes and the future at abaYoga and hope that you are too. If the changes don’t suit you and you’d like me to recommend other Yoga teachers that still do things the old way please let me know and I will happily connect you with other teachers I respect but I really hope you will see how bright the future can be at abaYoga.


See you on the mat.

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